Rut-Malin’s work often displays an artistic inquiry. Her jewellery stretches between scenes for crafts, art and fashion. Often it addresses the issue of the traditional jewellery’s tangible value.

In her earlier work we have seen everyday materials such as paper and medium density fibreboard (MDF) being processed, turned away from their well-known appearances, transformed, to finally emerge in new forms and with new surfaces.

The work presented here at “The Museum of Similar Divergences” is part of a project she calls Investigation Of Chains. The starting point for her in this series of work has been the classic traditional mass-produced chain. “The repetition of an instant and perfect form, which is the key part in the mass-produced chain both intrigues and annoys me at the same time” – Rut-Malin says.

The deconstruction followed by the construction, that we have gotten used to see in her work here takes on a new role. Instead of the material it is the form (the actual chain) that undergoes this transformation.