& Co is a hub for the arts of craft.

An upcoming
scene for exhibitions and dialogues. An artistic
workroom. A venue for talks.

& Co has a passion for craft.
We are
obsessed with the handmade. We love crafts
persons and the skills they obtain.

Our focus
and aim is to host a selection of exhibitions a year, in
combination with having panel talks and lectures. At times we
will arrange smaller talks that are more targeted, and then by
invitation only.

Located in Stockholm at Hägerstensvägen 145, Aspudden.

& Co loves teamwork!

Do you want
to take part in a small group that will set the directions for this new
exhibition scene?

partially includes:
Start-up workshop mid January 2017.
Regularly meetings 10 times during 2017.
Set plan for exhibitions and other public events, approximately 6-8 ones, that
can be performed during 2017 and early 2018.

Funds to
cover payment for commitment have been applied for. However, as compensation can’t be guaranteed at this stage of the process you
will have to be willing to do the work pro bono.

Curious to
know more? To get details how and when to register your interest – fill out form via this link

Looking forward to hear from you!