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Lecture at HDK (Academy of Design and Crafts)

NEWS Posted on Thu, November 17, 2016 09:05:42

Making a Living is a two-day seminar arranged by HDK (Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg) for their craft- and design student.

The conference focuses on how to organize a professional practice post HDK.

Invited speakers are alumni’s from HDK and a few other art schools as well – as me as a former Konstfack student.

I will talk about;
• life as a creative graduate craft student – advantage or difficulty
• my experience on developing and setting up a new business
• the many great benefits of collaborations

BARKLUND & Co – what it’s all about.

NEWS Posted on Thu, September 15, 2016 17:05:43

& Co is a hub for the arts of craft.

An upcoming
scene for exhibitions and dialogues. An artistic
workroom. A venue for talks.

& Co has a passion for craft.
We are
obsessed with the handmade. We love crafts
persons and the skills they obtain.

Our focus
and aim is to host a selection of exhibitions a year, in
combination with having panel talks and lectures. At times we
will arrange smaller talks that are more targeted, and then by
invitation only.

Located in Stockholm at Hägerstensvägen 145, Aspudden.

& Co loves teamwork!

Do you want
to take part in a small group that will set the directions for this new
exhibition scene?

partially includes:
Start-up workshop mid January 2017.
Regularly meetings 10 times during 2017.
Set plan for exhibitions and other public events, approximately 6-8 ones, that
can be performed during 2017 and early 2018.

Funds to
cover payment for commitment have been applied for. However, as compensation can’t be guaranteed at this stage of the process you
will have to be willing to do the work pro bono.

Curious to
know more? To get details how and when to register your interest – fill out form via this link

Looking forward to hear from you!

Latest news

NEWS Posted on Thu, September 08, 2016 16:05:30

I have been
getting curious questions lately about what I am up to nowadays. Which is
very nice of course!

getting into the personal details, I have been off work for more or less a year
due to health related issues. Now that I’m slowly starting to work again, my
main focus is to implement my new business likewise exhibition space – Barklund
& Co.

While the
public events will linger a bit still my own workshop is up and running at the
back room at this new premise of mine, located at Hägerstensvägen 145 in
Aspudden, Stockholm. I am mostly around on Thursdays and Fridays, give me a
ring if you are in the neighbourhood and want to pop by for a coffee and have a
look at the place.

This also
means that I’m infrequently at my old studio on Maria Skolgata 40. However it
is kept in my belonging and both used as a studio place for a couple of other
creatives, as well as my stockpile.

For more
details about this new exhibition scene visit links below

Not So Precious

NEWS Posted on Sun, November 09, 2014 12:53:26

Not So Precious will pop up again somehow during the first
half of 2015!

If you want to get in contact with us before that – we just
got ourselves a new mailaddress: jewellery(at)

Not So Precious

NEWS Posted on Tue, October 07, 2014 21:01:41

Great to see so many of you at the Not So Precious exhibition this weekend!

Not So Precious

NEWS Posted on Sat, September 06, 2014 12:55:45

Not So Precious
– a collaboration between Rut-Malin Barklund, Sara Borgegård and Agnes Larsson that will pop up this autumn in Stockholm.
More detailed information to come closer on. Meanwhile follow the process at Instagram -> notsoprecious_jewellery


NEWS Posted on Wed, July 16, 2014 10:48:31

These are the exhibitions scheduled for this autumn:

First of all I am very happy to say that ALLA will be exhibited one
final time – opening the 30th of August at Eskilstuna Konstmuseum.

This project was initiated in 2010 by me and Hanna Hedman. It has previously been shown at Röhsska Museet, Form/Design Center, Gustavsbergs Konsthall.

The 18th-21st of September “The Museum of Similar Divergences” is presented at UNIART in Gothenburg.

A group exhibition
by/with Rut-Malin Barklund, Agnes Larsson, Daniela Hedman, Kajsa Lindberg,
Hanna Hedman and Sara Borgegård.

Not So Precious – a collaboration between Rut-Malin Barklund, Agnes Larsson and Sara Borgegård will be on
show in Stockholm the 26th-28th of September.

The 9th-10th of October
there will be a conference on jewellery at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design
in Bratislava
. Me and Hanna Hedman are doing a lecture about the ALLA project,
combined with a installation.

More detailed information to come closer on.

Lecture at KHiO

NEWS Posted on Fri, January 24, 2014 14:26:26

Had a very nice day at Oslo National Academy of the Arts yesterday. Me and Hanna Hedman had a lecture about the ALLA-project, followed by groups talks with the BA 1 & 2 students. Overall rather impressed by their talking skills actually.

Making plans for 2014

NEWS Posted on Thu, January 16, 2014 15:50:39

Last weeks great meeting at my studio. Making plans for 2014 with Agnes Larsson, Daniela Hedman, Sara Borgegård, Kajsa Lindberg and Hanna Hedman.

More updates on facebook

NEWS Posted on Fri, June 14, 2013 11:21:26

For more recent updates and photos – visit me on facebook

Cafésamtal och performance

NEWS Posted on Thu, November 29, 2012 11:08:17

Torsdag 29 november, kl. 15.45 – 17.00, Röhsska Museet, Göteborg.

En hyllning till det mångbottnade svenska kulturarvet. Röhsska bjuder in till en diskussion om hur design och konsthantverk kan påverka samhället när det gäller främlingsfientlighet.

Kan design och konsthantverk bidra till att skapa ett samhälle med mer respekt och
acceptans? Eller det motsatta – kan design och konsthantverk göra samhället mer
intolerant? Hur kan det i så fall se ut och vilken roll och vilket ansvar har en designer/
konsthantverkare i det svenska samhället idag?

Moderator är Seroj Ghazarian, utvecklingsledare på Stadsledningskontoret i Göteborg.
Smyckekonstnärerna Hanna Hedman och Rut-Malin Barklund samt
Klas Grinell fil.dr i idé- och lärdomshistoria, intendent för globala
samtidsfrågor på Världskulturmuseet deltar i samtalet.

Med anledning av Kåldolmens dag som firas den 30 november.
Inleds och avslutas med performance och happenings runt temat ond design av studenter
från Högskolan för Scen och Musik, under ledning av professor Gunilla Gårdfeldt.

Stil i P1

NEWS Posted on Sat, October 13, 2012 11:41:06

Jag pratar kort om ALLA projektet och utställningen på Röhsska museet i radioprogrammet Stil i P1.

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